Verify Moving Companies Throughout San Francisco

by | Apr 7, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

Hire the Right Type of Movers

Moving companies are definitely helpful especially if you live in San Francisco. Here at Good Green Moving, we take care of our client’s needs from start to finish whether you are moving to a new residential home or to a commercial office. We will give you helpful tips on how to organize and pack all your belongings safely and efficiently. Finding a moving company with high quality service can be tricky. Even with the best intentions, there are still a few moving companies out there that will try to scam and take advantage of you. To avoid being a victim, here are three ways that you can ask or research to verify moving companies throughout San Francisco.

  1. Do they have a license and insurance?

Before discussing any further into the moving schedule, find out if the moving company has a valid license and insurance. You can verify the license number from a list of reputable movers from moving company directories available in your area. In the case of San Francisco, you can go to SF Business Portal and search for the company. If there are lost items or damages, having an insurance is extremely helpful.

  1. Are the reviews credible?

One of the best ways to verify moving companies in San Francisco is through reviews. Reviews can come from people who you trust and have used the moving services in the past. A good moving company is willing to provide references that you can contact if you have any questions about moving experience. You should also check if the company has an online presence. You can find detailed information about the company’s history, services offered, testimonials and other important news and promotions. Review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and even Facebook are also helpful to see how other people rate the company.

  1. Did they use due diligence before providing an estimate?

Some moving companies will give you a fixed rate without asking more details such as location, number of items, and moving dates. This is not exactly the type of moving company that you want to work with. At Good Green Moving, we don’t give an estimate until we get all details including the stairs or elevator situation in your apartment. If necessary, we will visit your house prior to moving day to assess what’s needed to safely move your items.