The Moving Process with Our Moving Company

by | Mar 20, 2018 | moving company Novato

Get Moving With Our Moving Company In Novato

Changing locations can be a really big deal. Most people did not catch the minimalism bug early enough (most especially the older and non-millennial folks). For this reason there are often a lot of possessions acquired over years of living in the same city: Gift items, stuff left by friends who forgot to take them along when leaving, clothes that have been outgrown by kids and so on. Then there’s the basement- that unfortunate part of every home that’s cursed with holding the objects that we don’t need, objects that we can’t quite decide what to do with them, and everything in between.

Thinking about the process of moving all these possessions is in itself a source of worries. That’s why you need the services of a professional moving company to help handle the task on your behalf. At Good Green Moving company Novato, we take the whole moving process and break it down into simple parts that can be handled separately. This post is

a brief overview of the various parts of the moving process.

  •         Analysis: After you’ve gotten in touch with us, we take the time to discuss with you and evaluate exactly how much stuff you are moving. This is the part of the process where we decide on what mode of transportation to use (especially based on size). We also make the initial cost estimates at this time so we can give you a bill and agree on cost details early enough. We also make preparations about the proposed date of moving and ensure that we keep up and get the movement done on time.
  •         Cataloguing and categorizing: This is the part of the moving process where we label each item. This is to prevent any sort of mix up or disorganization. This will help us when helping you to set up your new apartment or office location. You don’t want to start searching for every small item and figuring out what went where. Similar objects and possessions are grouped together and placed in the same boxes or containers.
  •         D-day: This is the part where the actual movement occurs after all the planning and preparations. Here’s where we detach all objects that need to be detached and load everything into the moving trucks or vans. At green good moving company Novato, we handle the execution of this part of the project with extreme care and caution as we are committed to sustaining our 100% “no damage” record.
  •         Unloading and Setting up: At your new location, we again apply a high level of carefulness in unloading the moving vans and setting up your new apartment. The cataloguing and categorizing process helps us to set things up in a manner that’s as similar as possible to what you had before (If you wish to have it so).

As complicated as moving seems, our team at Good Green Moving handles it with dexterity leaving you pleased and comfortable at your new location