Budgeting For Local Movers

by | Mar 12, 2018 | moving company in San Francisco

Know Your Budget Before Hiring Movers

When you decide to move to a new house, you acknowledge the fact that it will cost you a considerable amount of money. The problem is, there is really no standard cost of moving and the expenses will depend on a lot of factors such as the distance of the old house to the new house, the size of the truck required to transport all the furniture and appliances and any additional services. At Good Green Moving, we advise you to create a budget plan so you have enough time to save money. Here are four basic budget plans on how effective budgeting for local movers.

  1. A budget for a Moving Company in San Francisco

The first thing to do is to decide whether you will be hiring a moving company in San Francisco or if you are moving on your own. Moving on your own may be the cheaper option but is not always the most effective if you have a lot of things that require special handling. When you decide to hire movers, make sure that you list all the expenses. This includes the fuel charges and labor fees, packing services, insurance and extra charges.

  1. Packing and Storage Budget

Your packing and storage budget should include storage boxes, crates, bubble wrap, tapes, markers and mattress covers or padding to keep dirt away. You can either buy all of them from a hardware store or you can ask the moving company to provide these materials. You will most likely pay more if you buy them from a hardware store than from the moving company because the former requires you to buy them in bulk while the latter only charges you for what you consumed.

  1. Travel Budget

Hiring a moving company in San Francisco means that you will have to drive yourself to your new place. Your travel from your old house to your new house is something that you must allocate a sufficient money for. This will include gas, food, water, and an overnight stay at a hotel if it’s a long drive.

  1. First Day Budget

The first-day budget includes all the essential things you will use on your first few days in your new house. This will include money for groceries enough to last you for a week while you are busy unpacking and settling into the new place. We advise you not to move any liquids that are combustible so when you arrive at your new place, you need to buy a few cleaning materials so you can start arranging and putting away appliances.