San Francisco Moving Hacks

by | Mar 11, 2018 | San Francisco movers

5 Moving Hacks from San Francisco Movers

As soon as you book your moving date with San Francisco Movers, the next thing that you must do is figure out how you make the process a whole lot easier. It is tough to do everything on your own especially if you have a toddler or a pet. To avoid procrastinating, it is highly recommended by experts at Good Green Moving to create a checklist and a schedule. As much possible, start packing at least a week before moving out. Assign a single to pack a specific room so that you will feel exhausted doing everything at once. To help you move past this hurdle, we’ve supplied you with a few moving hacks for San Francisco

  1. Use soft pillows, sheets, and thick coats to pad things and keep glasses, mirrors, and lamps from breaking.

During the move, it can’t be helped for things to bump into each other. It is highly recommended that you use any soft sheets to prevent breaking of your valuables.

  1. Label each box.

At Good Green Moving, we encourage you to organize your boxes and label everything. It could be according to categories like clothes, shoes, books, etc. or depending on which room they below. When movers unload your boxes, they are usually placed on top of each other. So, it’s easy to locate anything when you label the boxes on the side and not on top. If you, use different colored markers.

  1. Cover any bottles of liquid with plastic wrap to avoid spilling

Bottles need to be airtight all the time. Lotion, shampoo, and other body care can spill or even break during the move. Store them in a safe container without leaving a lot of space to bump into each other. Seal the bottles with a plastic wrap before covering the lid to tighten the grip.

  1. Keep all the screws in one container

While you are detaching shelves, painting, wall frames and curtain rods, make sure that you don’t put all the screws in one place so it’s easy to find them later.

  1. Take lots of pictures before moving out from your old house and before moving into the new house.

Take photos of everything that San Francisco movers are loading into the truck to help you remember and check that you did not leave anything behind. Also, take a photo of the new place before moving in so you can plan ahead where to unload all your boxes and heavy furniture.