Hire San Francisco Local Movers to Unpack Your Items

by | Mar 8, 2018 | San Francisco movers

Make Unpacking Easy With San Francisco Local Movers

If you are moving to a new home, you have to plan everything from hiring San Francisco movers to organizing and packing all your belongings. As much as possible you want to be efficient and go through the moving process without any hassle. This is why you hire the experts at Good Green Moving. We will take care of you from beginning to end and give you helpful tips on how to organize and secure every item that you own. To ensure that you are settled in nicely in your new home and you are ready to spend your first night, here are five tips on how you can make unpacking easy with San Francisco local movers. 

Clean the house thoroughly

First, you must clean the whole place. Every nook and cranny should be clean enough so that you can start tucking away all your heavy furniture into place. Wipe all the kitchen counters so you can make your food anytime you get hungry. Make sure that you have dusted and sterilized your built-in closets before hanging your clothes.

Unpack all the Essentials First

Unpacking only your bedroom for the entire day doesn’t make sense. At some point during the day, you will get hungry and feel the need to take a shower. Any San Francisco movers will advise you to unpack all your essentials first to ensure that you can survive for a day or two without the pressure of unpacking everything in one day. This includes your toiletries, a few pair of clothes and clean sheets. Make sure that you visit a nearby store to buy a few food items and water to consume for at least two days.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Don’t unpack all the boxes at once. The next thing you know, all your clothes, kitchen appliances, books, and shoes are lying on the floor. The smart way to unpack is by labeling the boxes in terms of which room they belong to and unpacking those boxes first. This will ensure that nothing is misplaced and you get a sense of achievement whenever you finish unpacking a certain area in the house.

Set Aside Empty Boxes as You Unpack

Once you unpack all your clothes, don’t just leave the empty boxes lying around and occupying more space. Fold them properly or arrange on top of each other and set aside so you can move on to the next one.

Unpack Appliances Last

Yes, you need to turn on your fridge so you can store your food right away and yes TV can provide you with entertainment as you unpack every last bit of your belongings. But, you have to realize that some of the appliances need to stabilize for a while as they have been rattled during the trip. Try not to plug your appliances at least eight hours after you have arrived at your new home.

Not only will we relieve stress from having to deal with the hassle in moving, but we’ll also make unpacking easy with San Francisco movers.  Call us today at 1-855-613-4663 for a free estimate on your next move.  You’ll love the services you receive from our professional movers as we make each move our number one priority.  With Good Green Moving, you’ll receive a safe, secure, sustainable and successful move.