Searching for San Francisco Movers

by | Mar 3, 2018 | San Francisco movers

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for San Francisco Movers

So, you’ve decided to move to a new home and things are running smoothly. You got your keys, forwarded your new address to your friends and family. You have visited your new home and hired a professional house cleaner and exterminator to get all your preparation done and out of the way. You’ve scoped out the neighborhood, found a great grocery store and a coffee shop two blocks from your house and you’ve already settled on a three-mile jogging path. The next thing you do now is to search and evaluate all the credible San Francisco movers to help you with your move. Before you make any decisions when searching for San Francisco movers, make sure you remember these five things to avoid when searching for the right movers.

  1.   Using Internet as the Only Source

Most San Francisco movers have online presence to easily connect with their customers. This is an advantage for you because you can compare the rates and services available. However, make no mistake of using the Internet as your only source for a credible mover. Spend some time talking to your friends and family and ask for their recommendation. Good Green Moving has a testimonial page where you can read the reviews and overall experience of their customers. It is important that you find trustworthy movers in San Francisco.

  1.   Not Getting Enough Quotes

Keep a list of at least five San Francisco movers before you decide to hire one. Compare all their quotes and the service package to find one which one is the most efficient. Some companies will charge you a fixed rate while others will do it for an hourly labor rate. Choose a reasonable quote depending on the distance of your new house, the items you are moving and any other services that you want to get.

  1.   Choosing the Cheapest Option

Don’t base your decision on hiring a moving company that offers the cheapest rate. You should always ask for the inclusions of the arrangement. If you need help with packing, unpacking, and heavy lifting, you need to pay for an extra helper.

  1.   Not Providing All the Necessary Information

You have to explain your situation when you’re discussing the details of your move. You need to disclose information such as owning heavy or valuable items so that the movers can prepare special packing materials and storage units so that all your belongings are secured while in transit.