What to Inform Novato Movers Before Moving

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Novato movers

Keep Your Movers In the Loop

It’s not wrong to expect professional Novato movers to know everything there is to learn about their customers. But ever so often, there might be a chance that important information is left out of the conversation which can lead to misunderstanding and disagreement between customers and movers. Good Green Moving requests their customers to properly walk through the movers so that they are informed what size of truck to bring, how many movers to arrange and what other services to offer. Aside from the obvious details such as the home address, and moving dates, here’s what to inform Novato movers before moving:

Specific Items to Move

The more specific, the better. Start by letting the movers know if we live in a full house, a studio unit or a two-bedroom apartment. If possible, provide the size in square feet. This will give them a rough estimate of how big the living space is and in extension, the furniture, and appliances that fill the space. Then, start enumerating all the items such as the number of chairs, shelves, couches, dressers, boxes, luggage, and so on.

Number of Large or Heavy Items

We need to specify any large or heavy items to move. There are things that might seem light or small on paper but large and heavy in reality. This may include a piano set, a dining table made of marble, a 60-inch television, a customized full-size bed and a large chandelier. As much as possible, we need to determine the dimension of these items and what they are made of so that nearby Novato movers know what lifting equipment to bring.

Items that Require Special Handling

We must let our movers informed in advance if we are moving items with great significance and require special packaging or handling. If they learn on the day itself, there is a chance that they will defer or decline to move the item until after they have acquired the necessary storage like a crate or a shock-proof box.

Service Elevator Available

Reliable Novato movers usually ask their prospective customers whether they live in a house or an apartment in a high-rise building. Next, they will ask if there is an available elevator to bring things in and out of the building. If there is no service elevator, we need to let the movers know how many flights of stairs they must take. This will likely increase the rate but at least there will be no surprises.

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