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by | Mar 1, 2018 | Novato movers

Helpful Moving Tips From Our Novato Movers

Moving is no joke. It’s a huge undertaking and must not be taken lightly. We must prepare in advance and take matters into our hands so we don’t lose anything. Once we have decided to hire one of the Novato movers, we can ask them for tips to make the whole process a lot efficient. For instance, Good Green Moving will provide us with a checklist of what needs to be done in preparation for the move. They offer moving and packing tips in an organized way that can also be environmentally friendly.  Here are just a few responsible tips from Novato movers

Prepare Packing Supplies in Advance

If there’s any time to get acquainted with hardware, it is during moving. While most Novato movers offer packing and unpacking services, it doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable and prepared when the time comes. We need to keep our own supplies like screwdrivers, glue, power strips, tapes, hammers, and scissors. These tools will help us effectively pack and unpack things without injuring ourselves or damaging our belongings.

Label and Number the Moving Boxes

We might have secured moving boxes beforehand, but we should also remember to label and number every box. The label will remind us what kind of items were stored in box so when it’s time to unpack, we don’t open everything at once and make a mess. Numbering helps to verify how many boxes were loaded and unloaded to make sure that nothing is lost while in transit.

Take Photos of All Belongings

Taking photos of all our belongings help us with our inventory. While we can list down all the things that we are taking, it is much easier and faster to take photos of every pile of clothes, set of decorative lamps and kitchenware before we put them in the box. As we unpack, we can revisit that photo to check for completeness and the condition of the items before and after the move

Keep Important Documents in One Secured Place

Good Green Moving will tell us to have all important documents stored in a secured place so that they will not mix with everything else or get thrown in the process of moving. Ideally, it is a bag that we can lift ourselves and carry with us as we move.

Fill Small Boxes with Heavy Items and Big Boxes with Light Items

Here’s one of the neatest trick any great Novato movers will tell us, never make a mistake by packing heavy items like books, large iron pans and glass silverware in a large box. They will probably break with just one lift. It is better to separate them and pack in smaller boxes and put the lighter items like pillows, curtains and some shoes in the larger boxes.

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