Common Questions For Local Movers In Novato

by | Feb 28, 2018 | movers Novato

When searching for movers in Novato, we need to have all the information we can get to avoid any misunderstanding and to make the moving go smoothly. It is not just about how much the service is or how long it will take to drive, we need to be as specific as possible. There are things that might come up only during move-out/move-in day that render us to pay extra. This is not advisable. The folks at Good Green Moving will make sure that all our questions are answered truthfully. They give advice on how to be efficient, organized and environment-friendly while packing. To get all our prep work done and out of the way, here are five common questions for local movers in Novato

How is Labor Hour Determined?

Binding and non-binding are different in such a way that the former will make us pay a fixed amount while the latter can add charges at any time during the moving process. But what about labor and hourly minimums? How is it computed? Most movers in Novato determine the labor hours in terms of the basic three services (loading, unloading and drive time) plus any additional services that may be required including packing/unpacking, cleaning, and storage.

How Many Movers and Helpers Included?

Most movers in Novato offer a standard one driver and two helpers in their service. However, we can always ask for an extra helper or reduce the helper to just one depending on how much labor is required. The payment will be adjusted accordingly. To determine how many helpers to hire, we need to contact the moving company and list down all the things that need to be moved. Depending on the weight, volume and sizes, a professional mover can provide an estimate of the required number of helpers.

Do You Have Transporting Tools and Machines?

We move a lot of things from various kitchen appliances to large and heavy living room furniture. If we own a huge closet or dining table, we need to know in advance if the movers in Novato have the necessary heavy duty skates, hydraulic mover sets or even toe jacks for unloading to avoid hiring and paying a third party company.

Do You Supply Moving Wraps to Protect Furniture?

There are things we own that need special handling. To avoid breaking any lamps and scratching wooden furniture, we need to ask the movers if moving wraps and crates are included in the package. Good Green Moving can give us an advice on what moving wraps and other protective gear to use to avoid damaging our belongings.

Do You Offer Insurance?

Not all movers in Novato offer insurance during transportation but the law is clear about any mishandling or loss of items while in transit. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask movers if they are willing to offer basic insurance especially if we are moving items with great monetary value.