Preparing to Hire Movers Novato, CA

by | Feb 26, 2018 | movers Novato

Pre Moving Necessities

In any type of endeavor, the beginning process is usually the most challenging. Lack of adequate planning and preparation often leads to multitasking and procrastination. Because of this, we spend more money and forget to prioritize what needs to be done. However, if we plan ahead, there is no reason why the moving process will not go as smoothly as possible. The wise masters at Good Green Moving have detailed tips on how to pack and move our things by staying organized and stress-free. Here are a couple of things we need to consider when preparing to hire movers in Novato, CA.

Get Our Internet and Electricity Connected

Before moving to the new place, we need to contact our energy and internet provider to schedule a date for connection. Preferably, we want to have electricity on the first day so if we have some leeway, ask the company to send someone the day before. If we know that we will be spending the first day without water or electricity, it might be preferable to book a night at the nearest hotel. The truth is, we will be exhausted from all that packing and unpacking and we need a soft bed to lay at night to recover our strengths.

Change Our Address and Inform Our Friends and Family

Before scoping out different movers in Novato, we should update our address first and notify all relevant agencies to avoid losing important letters. We should do this at least two weeks before our move. Movers in Novato offer address forwarding or cards so that we can write a short notice to our friends and family that we moved.

Arrange Permits

If we are moving to a new neighborhood, chances are, we need to arrange all the permits needed for moving permits, wrecking permits, and parking permits. In San Francisco, it is required to have several permits signed and ready at least two weeks before the official move. If we are moving to a condominium, we also need to get a permit to hold the service elevator and use any transfer equipment available in the building. We can email these permits to one of the movers in Novato or present them on a moving day.

Pack a First Day Bag

To make unpacking efficient, we can pack our things either by labeling each box with name of the rooms where they should go or by certain categories like clothing, gadgets, shoes, etc. Whichever we choose, we should always reserve one box that would contain all our essentials to have a successful and relaxing first day. This should include everything from a few clothes, a pair of shoes, basic toiletries, bed linen, a bottle of water and ready-to-eat meals. It is difficult to unpack in one so it would be nice to just have everything we need in one place.