Due Diligence with Movers Novato, CA

by | Feb 22, 2018 | movers Novato

Finding Local Movers

When we move from one place to another, essentially, we are closing a chapter in our lives and starting to create new memories for the future. This is why moving can be exciting for most people. However, it can also be challenging and overwhelming. We accumulate so many things throughout the years and we can’t possibly let go of any one of them. But before starting to pack our things and schedule a move in date, we need to spend some time finding the best movers Novato, California. To get started, here are four things to consider when you do your due diligence with movers Novato, CA.

Check Credentials

There is nothing more frustrating than hiring a mover that will end up being a fraud. The first thing to do is to verify their moving license through California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) whether the move is in-state or between states. PUC ensures rules and policies are followed by any movers in Novato, California in terms of liability, safety, and worker’s compensation. Good Green Moving is a good example of a moving company where its licence details are easily found on the company website.

Get a Quote

Before deciding on one company, you should first get an estimate from several movers in Novato. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of things to move. Do not be afraid to ask what their rates include. Verbal estimates are not enough, make sure that you always document what you have discussed to avoid any surprise charges after you made an agreement.

Check the Services Offered

A great moving company should have several services available. We don’t always have a friend or a family member to help us with the process. Packing and unpacking alone require serious patience and skills. If we have delicate items or appliances that break easily, we need specialized wrapping and padding materials. Heavy and large furniture needs disassembly and reassembly to secure them properly. If the new place is a high-rise apartment and large appliances don’t fit through entryways, we need hoisting or rigging services to be included in the moving package. Some of the movers in Novato will charge us extra fees for these services but it’s always better to have an option.

Ask for Recommendations

A good way to avoid the stress of finding a reliable moving company in Novato is by asking for recommendations from our friends and colleagues. We can learn about their overall experience and seek advice on how to make the process easier. Online reviews are also a great source of feedback but make sure that they are trustworthy and we have done our own research on the top movers in Novato, California.