Responsible Moving Companies Novato CA

by | Feb 15, 2018 | moving companies Novato

Trustworthy Moving Companies in Novato, CA

Hiring any company that helps with moving your former homes to a new destination makes the relocation process less stressful and a lot easier. However, no two moving companies Novato are the same, nor are their services. When you decide to hire Novato movers, you need all the information necessary to make a sound decision without regret. You’ll want a moving company that is transparent in their process for relocating your valuable items, and gives you a price upfront to avoid any hidden fees that may be tacked on at the end of the move.  With Good Green Moving, you’ll have the benefits of a moving company that is honest, caring, hardworking, and dedicated to creating a positive experience for customers.  Here are a few of our services.

A visit by the teams before moving

Before any movement is done most of the moving companies Novato must visit homes for seeing the items they shall be moving. An assessment shall be made for the stuffs and on the basis of the assessment they shall make an estimation of for the cost of the movement. Movers shall make agreement on the date of movement. We must pick a date that tries to make the customers time a priority.  We should never be impelled to pick any date that is unsuitable.

Movers shall always present relevant documents that concern several policies for us to know about. For instance that includes tariff outlines involved in process of moving and company’s procedures to fill disputes and summary of the arbitration program.

Duties while moving

Any of the moving companies Novato shall bear the responsibility of shipping or transporting the household items from the old homes to the new one. They shall have an inventory list created for keeping a track on each of the items. Also, the companies shall have deal signing about the movement. We must read it carefully before we deliver our signatures. we have to make sure that each of the things are well accounted for and the inventory for the things post moving shall help in claiming if items are damaged or lost.  They will ensure at all times that the goods of the household are shipped and transported safely. Finally, they must be also delivered at the destination that is desired, and on schedule.

Duties after move is complete

The final duty of the movers involves unloading all our goods off the vehicle and have the goods unpacked. They shall maintain communication at all stages and will request for payment that was agreed as per the terms signed by us.

Contact Good Green Moving at 855-613-4663 for a free estimate on any local or long distance move.  We ensure complete customer satisfaction as we pride ourselves in our work ethic and care for our clients.  Whether you are moving to a new home or office, our professional Novato movers are here to assist you.