Eco-Friendly Moving Companies Novato

by | Feb 15, 2018 | moving companies Novato

A house move that is impending often steals the spotlight from the current activities of one’s everyday life. Thus, the whole moving process requires every bit of attention when embarking on the journey yourself. Most people who move on their own don’t give it a thought, or even consider, how the moving process can have harmful effects on our environment. Without eco-friendly moving companies Novato, do-it-yourself moves can be extremely harmful to our environment. 

People even forget how our relocation is going to impact the world around us.  The reality is that there are a few changes that can be made in how you move to ensure a greener and cleaner planet for everyone.  There are slight adjustments that need to be made in this regard.  Our eco-friendly moving company follows these guidelines:

Company that follows the green norms

The moving companies Novato have to be selected by us keeping in mind the fact that besides being reputable they possess environmental credentials. We must ask them that about the specific measures they take for preservation of the environment. The reputable ones will always make contributions to make the world a cleaner place and maintain the greenery.

They will never use trucks that are gas guzzling and rather rely on moving vehicles that are biodiesel and fuel-efficient. Some of them shall also provide tips to their own customers in order to save the environment. For instance they shall refrain from using plastic or any other biodegradable material that spoils the atmosphere. They will stick to electric vehicles and conform to eco-friendly norms.

The packing of the items

Another very vital principle that the moving companies Novato follow include that they refrain from plastic and avoid it just like plague. They shall use the other alternatives that include easily accessible hemp bags, cotton bags, reusable tin and glass. The companies shall not use the plastic in order to save the rivers, oceans, forests, and landfills.

During a move, most of us tend to buy items that end up in the landfills, thus these companies offer tote rentals that are a-la carte. They are sustainable alternatives where packing peanuts or styrofoam is used. All the bubble wraps that we eventually use are reusable and thus we are not wasting any additional resources.

Minimizing carbon footprints

The companies follow the eco-friendly objectives and thus lower the carbon footprints. This helps in lowering our expenses and also ultimately making the environment even greener than the grass.