Comparing Moving Companies Novato

by | Jan 31, 2018 | moving companies Novato

Looking For the Right Moving Company

There are many moving companies out that offer various services for different prices. The truth is that not all of them are reliable and in most cases you can expect things to get sloppy. However if you hire us you can always expect to get the best services at competitive prices. No matter what your requirements are we can fulfill them all. Here are some of the services offered by us.

Good insurance policy

Most customers are very worried about insurance the moment they hire a moving company. We are one of moving companies Novato that offer insurance to protect all your items while they are being transported. We can offer all of our clauses in writing and you can always get in touch with our representative for further queries.

High quality supplies

We supply you with high quality supplies to make your move a smooth one. These supplies will make sure that you are able to pack your items properly. We are quite generous with bubble wraps so you can protect fragile items. You can also expect us to give you duct tapes and devices for creating labels. With labeling devices you can keep a track of the items.


Unlike other moving companies we offer high quality boxes so that you can pack your items in them. Typically the boxes we offer are quite spacious so you can store big items in them without any problem. The boxes are quite sturdy and they offer superior protection to all your items. These boxes are light weight but they do a good job.

Packing services

For an additional fee we offer packing services. If you are a senior citizen then these services provided by us will be very helpful for you. We also help you unpack your belongings at the destination.

Help from a qualified team

Unlike most moving companies Novato we have a well qualified team who can help you with all your needs.  You can simply drop us a mail or even get in touch with us over the telephone. Our team members are very prompt in getting back to you at the earliest.

Free quote

You will obviously worry about the cost but the good news is we can help you with that. We offer a free quotation of all our services which will include all the prices for additional services. So at the end of the day you will have a clear understanding on how much you have to pay.

Good Green Moving is the clear choice for professional movers in Novato, CA and the greater bay area. You can contact us today at 855-613-4663 for a free quote on all local and long distance moves for residential and commercial purposes.