How to Pick the Right Local Mover

by | Jan 23, 2018 | moving companies Novato | 0 comments

So, you want to move. No big deal. Over 4 millions of moves take place annually in the United States. Although most of these moves are carried out swiftly without any issues, some of them either go wrong or turn out be a losing deal for the customers.  You definitely don’t want to be among the latter, therefore choosing the right moving company in Novato is a must so that your move goes swiftly without burning a hole in your pocket.

Another great dilemma is that there are literally tons of moving companies in Novato to chose from. Just search ‘Moving companies’ on Google and you’ll find a wide range of results. Therefore, you need to ensure that you hire only a reliable mover, and we’ve made the process easier for you. Just consider these steps while hiring a moving company in Novato:

1. Always choose a local mover
When a person hires a local moving company, it prevents them from being conned and falling prey to faulty business with some fraud/poor quality moving company, and there’s nothing that can be done to reprimand the loss since the entire deal takes place online. Therefore, choose a local company, and check out their office and gear personally before signing the deal.

2. Get multiple budget estimates
It won’t hurt to get as many written in-home estimates as you want, after all they’re free! Estimates from various companies will give you a close idea of the cost of moving, and also multiple options to choose from. Never trust a moving company that gives you an estimate without actually checking out the scale of the job.Beware of suspiciously low estimates, as well as those given over the phone.

3. Stay away from huge advance deposits
A legitimate moving company would never ask you to make an advance deposit that is any more than 20% of the cost they have mentioned in their estimate. In fact, many companies don’t even take a penny before the job is done. Therefore, a big advance deposit is definitely a big Red Flag, and you shouldn’t make the deal unless the company settles for a small advance deposit.

4. Always check the mover’s reviews and complaints
You don’t buy anything from the internet without checking its customer ratings, do you? Similarly, it’s a must to check out the feedback from the company’s former customers regarding the service, the cost, the authenticity, and lots of other factors.

One thing to keep in mind is that instead of focusing on the good reviews, also search for bad reviews, as lots of companies post fake good reviews these days, but why would anyone post a fake bad review. Therefore you’ll get an honest feedback about the company’s moving process. One way to do so is by checking out the complaint history of the mover on the Department of Transportation’s website under the mover’s page.

5. Verify the company’s credentials
Once you’ve picked the company whose estimates you find the most suitable for your budget, it’s time to check their authenticity. A verified mover must always have a number that’s issued by the Department of Transportation to carry out interstate moves. The number is like an ID for all sorts of commercial vehicles that travel between states. So all you gotta do is simply check out the moving company’s website, and look for their DOT number in it. Once you’ve checked the company’s DOT number , motor carrier numbers, and any other such requirements that vary from state to state, it is safe to say that you can make a deal with the company without any major chances of being tricked.

Another sure shot way to check a moving company’s authenticity is to see if they’re verified by the American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover program, which has movers go through a thorough background check, as well as comply with some guidelines. Authentic companies like Good Green Moving always state their certificates online.