Packing Suggestions From Moving Companies Bay Area

by | Dec 14, 2017 | moving companies bay area

When you move home, there are so many things you need to pack that the job seems to have no end. Before you start preparing all the cardboard boxes, just sit down for a minute and read our packing suggestions from moving companies bay area.

Decide what is going to move with you

A move is the perfect moment to get rid of old, unused or broken stuff: take this occasion to start your life in your new home the right way! If your move is planned, probably you will have the opportunity to take your time and re-consider all the things you keep with you: are you so sure you need all that stuff?

We suggest you prepare 3 boxes:

–  1 box for the things you do not use any longer but that can be useful to someone else

–  1 box for the things you do not use because they are broken or damaged

–  1 box for the things you want to take with you in your new home.

From the kitchen to the garage, separating your belongings into these 3 groups will help you sorting out what is bound to move to your new home and what, simply, has completed its duty with us.

Our suggestion is: leave no space to sentimentalism. You are going to move to a new place, avoid stuffing it with things that have lost their meaning to you. If there is something that can be used by someone else, try contacting your favourite charity and arrange the boxes’ pick up with them: you will get free of unneeded things and will do a good deed too. Broken or damaged things, instead, will necessarily become garbage.

Once you have decided the things that are going to come with you to your new home, it is time for you to protect them for their journey from your old to your new house: we are going to let you have all the packing material you may need, from blister packaging to all-sizes-cardboard boxes, from adhesive tape to wrapping paper.

Moving clothes

Clothes are a little bit more complicated to move: in order to avoid too many wrinkles on your garments, pack them flat or keep them hung in the special clothes moving boxes (at Good Green Moving we provide you with all the boxes you may need, do not worry!).

The 3-boxes rule is good for your clothes as well:

–  1 box for the garments you do not like any longer, or that do not fit your size anymore, but that can be worn by someone else

–  1 box for worn garments

–  1 box or, better, 1 suitcase for the garments you are wearing and that you would like to keep.

Usually charities are happy to receive garments, especially those in good conditions: you’ll see, your old clothes will be very easy to give away!

Moving kid’s toys

If you are moving with kids, remember they will need more time to settle down and get used to their new house. Probably you are not going to immediately open up all the boxes after you have moved to your new home, but the kid’s toys should be priority boxes. Open them up as soon as you can and try to set everything in their new room: you will help them relax and find a new routine in the house.