Moving Company Bay Area Goes Green

by | Dec 14, 2017 | moving companies bay area

Good Green Moving Leading the Way

Our environment is vital for our survival. We all need to stay in a clean and healthy environment. At Good Green Moving, we believe that cleanliness is second to Godliness. We have a great responsibility to take care of our customers as well as the environment that they live in. Based on this concern that we have for the environment, we care so much about how we dispose our waste and advocate for reuse and recycle of non-disposable materials.  These practices ensure that the environment remains green by preserving its natural existence.

As we all know, a green environment is essential to both human and animal lives since it provides fresh air among other benefits. Good Green Moving has taken into account the following initiatives to keep the environment green, conducive and attractive to all.

Reuse of materials.

As a moving company that likes going green, we prefer use of materials that are reusable and biodegradable. These minimize the probability of use and dispose behavior which is unfriendly to the environment. We implement this by making sure that we purchase packing boxes that can be reused for quite some time before they wear out. Consequently, this is also an economical activity since we do not incur further expenditure to buy other packing materials

Establishing collecting center

All used materials that cannot be reused are collected at a central place by our crew for proper disposal or to be sending to companies that can recycle them into other useful products or the same products. Materials such as plastic bags can be recycled. Recycling of such materials ensure appropriate and economical disposal that is environmental friendly as well.

Resale of used boxes

At Good Green Moving, we sale Used boxes that are in good condition for use by other companies or individuals at discounted price to curb heaping of waste unnecessarily. A resale of these boxes at a discounted price attracts buyers making this initiative a good option for disposal of all unwanted boxes. This obviously leaves the environment clean.

Sourcing for our package materials from environmentally friendly companies

Companies that give a priority to the environment in the manufacture of their products will always produce environment friendly goods. While purchasing packing materials, at Good Green Moving we give consideration to such companies. This is because such products will always be easy and cheap to dispose appropriately without any negative impact to the environment.

Proper disposal of materials that cannot be reused

There are packing supplies that cannot be recycled and are hazardous to the environment. Good Green Moving ensures that we dispose such materials as required by the environmental laws. Not only for purposes of keeping the law but also because we understand how important is a green environment to us.

It is in our interest as Good Green Moving to initiate and support activities that put into consideration the safety of the environment and all those that live in is on this note that we have taken it to be a great responsibility for us to make sure that the natural existence of the environment is not interfered with by our daily activities. Surely if everyone takes up this duty of keeping the environment clean, safe, secure and friendly to all of us, we will all enjoy the green natural beauty of our surrounding. That’s why the above mentioned initiatives towards conservation of the environment makes Good Green Moving to be at the top of list of the best green moving companies. Moving companies bay area, Go green is the best option for you!