Overachieving Movers Bay Area

by | Dec 12, 2017 | movers bay area

We Go Above and Beyond

At Good Green Moving we treasure and value our customers and this serves as our motivation to always improve and grow customer care services. We give professionals who are trained to handle our clients in a satisfactory manner. It’s our core value to provide a conducive working environment for our crew and create permanent customers across the country. We therefore always ensure that we offer the best to our customers. Our unique customer care services include but not limited to the following:

Full time customer service employee

We hire trained persons who have a superb experience in handling issues of concern that are raised by our customers. As Good Green Moving we are available 24/7 either  online, on phone or via email. Our employees are always available to promptly address anything that our client may need to have addressed. All questions from our customers find their answer from our crew at the call center. You can always count on us for a reliable communication with no time limit.

Technical advice to our clients

Movers bay area offer any technical advice that one may require in regard on when to move, how to plan for the move and what to do for the material day among other concerns that put some people in dilemma when planning to relocate. We even go ahead to advice our client on the most appropriate and convenient day and time to make their  move. For instance, it is more convenient to relocate in the middle of the week or mid month when most people do not find time to make their moves. Relocating during search time eases congestion.

Arranging furniture in your new home

When we move our clients to their new home, we are always ready to offer extra service of helping them settle faster by arranging their bulky furniture in the correct rooms and positions as desired by the client. Based on the experience that our crew has we take minimal time to perfume such tasks hence saving time for our customers to attend to other duties.

Full service storage facility

In a circumstance where your items do not fit in your new home due to lack of enough space, Good Green Moving offer a full storage services since we have enough facility for that. This gives our clients humble time to either look for more specious houses or even plan to donate the items to friends, neighbors and relatives in a case when one does not need to use the items again.

Cleaning after the move

Our crew is responsible for any littering that might have taken place during the move. We therefore ensure that we clean such dirt and leave you home as clean as it was. However, Good Green Moving do not offer general house cleaning services and we advice our clients to make other arrangements for that.

Customer rating

After working with you as our client, we always give room for you to rate us based on how we served you during the move and the level of satisfaction on our services. Our rating scale ranges from 1-15 and it is as below:

  •         1 – 4  unsatisfactory
  •         5 – 8  good
  •         9 – 12  very good
  •         13 – 15 excellent.

Post move concerns

We also provide room for our customers to give an expounded feedback about the whole process of the move. After receiving the feedback, we address any post move issue that may require our immediate action even if it means serving you at your doorstep.

In general we take our customer opinions as our first priority and we always look forward to offering excellent moving services that are satisfactory to all clients. In addition, our professional experienced and humorous crew makes the whole move a stress free activity and an enjoyable process for you. It is always our pleasure to serve you.