Family First For Moving Companies Bay Area

by | Dec 12, 2017 | moving companies bay area

We Care About Your Little Ones

Moving with family is stressful especially when you are moving with children. At Good Green Moving, we have gone a step ahead to offer advice on how one can easily relocate with children without much stress. We understand that moving with children can be risky where large luggage is involved. This happens because parents cannot monitor their children while they are still involved in packing. Like most, our moving company bay area cares about families and children that are involved in the moving process. 

Some of these risks that kids are exposed to include:  putting items in their mouth that are choking hazards, climbing on heavy duty equipment that can be dangerous, playing with or around sharp objects. Having learnt that there are numerous risks that may befell kids, Good Green Moving have developed tips to help parents safely move with their children. These tips can be divided into two broad categories. Psychological preparedness tips and children involvement tips.

Psychological Preparedness Tips

It is advisable for parents to set up their children’s home before the material day. Additionally, parents should exclusively discuss with their children how special their rooms look like. This develops a mental picture of their room making them feel accommodated in the whole relocation process.

Children should be assured that they will have their belongings with them in the new house. Parents should fully inform their children all that will take place on the move day. They should also have a knowhow of the specific company that will help them relocate.

It would be prudent to have a photo session with them in their room for remembrance. After a photo session, the parents should sit down with them and ask them what they think is likely to happen once they relocate. Their responses should help the parent to know what they have in mind. Apparently, parents should give explanations where necessary to clear any anxiety that might be developing in them

Children Involvement Tips

The children should be allowed to pack some of their items in their rooms. This gives them a sense of involvement and belonging to the whole process. After packing they should beautify these boxes by decorating them. This makes them have a sense of ownership of family property.

As the parents pack they should suggest that the kids draw a plan of how their new rooms will look like. We advice the parents to engage their kids in writing notes to the new occupants of the room and ensure they place it at a strategic position where the new occupants of the room will easily find it.

Finally, these kids can be encouraged to donate toys and other items that they may not be planning to use in their new home. Besides making them active we are also nurturing and cultivating a spirit of generosity in them.

Psychological tips are meant for preparing children psychologically that they will be moving to a new house while the children involvement tips ensure that the kids are kept active and technically busy during the packing process. This prevents them from making unnecessary movements which are risky and may even lead to serious injuries. Moving companies bay area care a lot about your family. Your children and our children are the future of this nation. They need to be taken good care of because they are precious citizens.