Beginning to Move With San Francisco Movers

by | Dec 10, 2017 | San Francisco movers

Beginning to move with San Francisco movers begins with packing.  Effective packing is key to relocation. Packing that is damage free is what one would wish to have. It is on this note that Good Green Moving based in San Francisco have decided to advice our customers on packing tips.  

Get help from San Francisco movers. Here’s how to relocate with San Francisco movers

Create enough time to pack

Many people take packing process as a light issue. They do it the last minute. We advice our customers to commit enough time for packing. Depending with the number of items in your house, an ideal packing should take 1-3 weeks. Creating enough time for packing can save you from a last minute rush, leaving some items in your apartment and careless.

Special care for fragile items

Houses are made up of two types of items. Fragile items and non fragile items. Our advice to our customers is that these two types of households should be packed separately. Fragile households break easily. When one packs them together with non fragile items, they are likely to break up. A special packing ought to be done for these items. For instant, glassy utensils can be wrapped together using a newspaper to prevent them from breaking. Glasses and cups should be packed standing up and plates should be packed together by wrapping them over and over with a sheet of paper. All this delicate utensils should be put in small packing boxes. Incase a box is not filled up; fill the remaining space with packing paper to prevent them from movements that may lead to any damage.

Spare a special box

Unpacking and arrangement takes a couple of days. It is not a one day activity. Based on these fact we advice our customers to a have a special box for items that are likely to be used immediately after arrival to the new house. These boxes should be labeled appropriately for easy identification. This will save you time.

Good choice of boxes

A good choice of materials is paramount. We recommend different sizes of boxes for different items. One can consider the following types and sizes:

Book cartons

These types of boxes are 1.5 cubic foot in size. The smallest and heaviest items are packed in these boxes. Such items include books, CDs and heavy items.

Medium Cartons.

This is a carton for packing heavier and small households. They are 3.0 cubic foot in size. They are suitable for items like: spoons, knives and electric gadgets.

4.5 cubic cartons

Boxes that are big in size accommodate less weight. The bigger the box the less weight it should carry. This box can be packed with Children toys and clothes.

Large Carton

It is the largest type of carton that is 6.0 to 6.5 cubic foot in size. It is packed with the lightest items. They may include: Bedsheets, Blankets and winter coats.

Good Green Moving are ready to provide all the types of boxes any time they are requested by their clients to do so.

We strongly believe that these tips will open up your mind and give you a new insight on packing. Good packing will save you time as well as making your work easier. Good Green Moving is always there for you. It is our duty to make sure that we give you any important information that we think will assist you to relocate without stress.