Top Neighborhoods to Move to In San Francisco

by | Nov 4, 2017 | moving companies bay area

Favorite San Francisco Neighborhoods

We have compiled a list of the best neighborhoods for Millennials in San Francisco Bay Area. Our list is based on tangible facts such as public schools, diversity, housing, crime and safety, nightlife, and families. We believe this information will be of great value to you. Below are the top neighborhoods to move to in San Francisco:

Showplace Square:

This neighborhood ranks first based on key statistics from the U.S Census as well as experts insights.

Median household income is average $102,864 with a good percentage of residents having master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree. A small percentage have acquired some college or associate’s degree. The number of children in Showplace is at 8%. There are several top public schools in this neighborhood.

Median home value is seen to be at $750,389 while median rent is $2,823. 67% of the population live in a rental house while 33% own their homes.

Rincon Hill:

Has a population of 5,562 with a larger percentage of people owning their own homes. Median household income is around $195,256 with residents having a reputable level of education.

Median home value is $747,177 while median rent is $3,170. There are several top public schools in Rincon Hill. This neighborhood has unique-structured high-rise towers on top of Rincon Hill.

Lower Haight:

Easily accessible whether by car or public transit. Has diverse restaurants, shops, and salons that cater to residents. Close to average people have acquired a Bachelor’s degree while the other percentage either have a Master’s degree or some college or associate’s degree.

There is a large number of public schools in Lower Haight. Median household income is $106,659. 80% of residents in Lower Haight live in rental homes due to the high cost of buying own house. Median home value is $890,993. Median rent is only $1,700.

The population here of 13,922 is a little bit high as compared to other mentioned neighborhoods. Crime and safety here are quite low.

Inner Sunset:

Densely populated with a median home value being $991,637 and median rent at $1,787. Many people live in rental homes as compared to those who own theirs.

Median household income is $100,103. Children are estimated to be 10% of the whole population. People are well educated with a good percentage having either a master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. If you have decided to move to these areas hire moving companies bay area today to relocate

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