Standards for Movers Bay Area

by | Nov 4, 2017 | bay area movers

What You Should Ask Your Movers

Moving most of the times can turn into a nightmare if you do not hire the right moving service. There are many things you have to pay attention to.  These are few common questions that you may have when hiring Bay area movers.

Do they offer quotes without commitment? Standards for budgeting

Most of the times quotes are free. It is necessary that a person in charge and qualified, go to your house due to the fact that in this way they can make a better and more successful quote according to the things that are going to be moved.

The following information are evaluated, among others:

  • The quantity and size of the objects to be moved.
  • The type of objects.
  • The number of workers required.
  • The ease of dismantling furniture.
  • The packaging of objects if it is required. If the consumer does it will be cheaper.
  • The existence of elevator.
  • Easy access to the property.


  • You are in your right to receive a contract where is specified the following things:
  • Name and surname or company name, address, tax identification number and telephone number of the moving company.
  • Name, surname and address of the client.
  • Rights and obligations of both parts.
  • Description of the requested service.
  • Date and place of loading and unloading of objects.
  • Determination of the amount of responsibility assumed by the company. Insurance against damage and loss of equipment.
  • Total price with breakdown of discounts or increases for special services (for example, special packaging, mounts furniture, hanging lamps, etc.), taxes and payment method.
  • How the consumer can terminate the contract and amount of compensation.
  • Procedure for the resolution of disputes.
  • Signature of both parts.

What happens if something any of my belongings turns out to be broken, damages or lost?

If anything happens to your belongings, from the date you receive your possessions, you have approximately nine months to file a claim.

In this cases it is better a day after the moving, take pictures of everything that is going to be moved. This will be your proof in case of anything happens.

What if you pack your things by yourself?

It is a possibility. In this cases the moving company has the obligation to repack if they consider they are pack improperly or it can cause a damage to other objects.


Bay area movers offer a variety of insurance in case that your goods are damaged or lost, and you can choose the one which goes better with your need. There are 3 types of insurance.

Limited responsibility: this is a kind of insurance that every moving company has to have. It is basic and free. This covers 60 cents per pound per item.

Added valuation: how worthy are your goods is the price that you pay for this insurance. They should give you the amount of what is cost to replace it at that moment, minus reduction.

Full value: it covers all, with this type of insurance you will not get any discount.