Estimated Costs for Moving Companies Bay Area

by | Nov 4, 2017 | moving companies bay area

Cost of Moving Companies Bay Area

The cost of moving a mobile home generally comprises three components: disarmament, transportation and installation. The distance traveled will determine what it costs to move your house, since you will usually have to pay for each mile (km) traveled.

It is usually to think that moving a mobile home it is easier and cheaper than doing a simpler moving from one home to another. Nevertheless there are many things to keep in mind before doing the moving, in this way you can make the best possible budget and prevent any setbacks.

What you have to know before moving a mobile home

Mobile homes are built under specific rules of the region in which they are built. There are many aspects to bear in mind when building a mobile home; due to the winds, hurricanes, storms, snow loads and rains vary widely across the country, homes should not be moved to an area with a completely different weather patterns. They contain a data plate in which the areas most appropriate for the installation of the unit will be identified. You should hire the professional moving companies bay area like Good Green Moving. We make sure that everything is done with great care and there is no risk factor involved.

Another important aspect that you have to take care about when moving a mobile home is that the location where it will be placed the house must be ready for the installation before the company moving arrive. Evaluate the area, take down threes if there is any, clean the floor and leveling it if needed.

Licenses and transportation

Licenses are required for each county and state through which the mobile home will be move. Sometimes road escorts are needed in areas where the size of the house requires a tortuous route. This will probably increase the costs of the moving, depending on jurisdiction. Transportation departments in some states may deny licenses. This licenses includes having them inspected the house before you move it and after you have settled into your new location.

Disarming the house incurs more expenses. The home must be raised and lowered, the axles must be installed, and the molding, doors and windows must be protected or removed.

Before you call a mobile home mover, you must complete the mobile home information sheet, which includes many of the questions the mover will ask you.


Prices vary according to the size of the house whether if it is a single-wide home or a double-wide home. The distance traveled, the disarmed and rearmed of the house. Here you have some examples:

  • Typical disarmament costs range are from $350 to $1,000
  • Carrying the house has an average cost between US $ 5 and US $ 17.50 per mile (1.6 km). If the distance is more than 100 miles, expect to pay up to $15,000.
  • The assembly of your mobile home in its new general location costs between US $ 1,250 and US $ 4,500. This price includes preparation of the site (most of the times), placing concrete or a fiberglass pad, complete with level blocks, and connecting all services.
  • Additional fees can go from $1,000 to $5,000.

Finally, if you have any doubt about the route or the transportation you can always talk with the professional in charge of moving your house. Make every dollar worth it and finally enjoy your house in new location.