Wildlife in San Francisco

by | Nov 2, 2017 | moving companies San Francisco

The Wildlife When Moving To San Francisco

San Francisco city is a natural habitat for numerous wild animals. San Franciscans have enhanced the natural endowment of the town by conservation. This article will focus on wildlife in San Francisco and the beauty that goes unnoticed. The area is a habitat for different types of wild animals. The deep waters give habitat to all sorts of sea creatures while the sand and bushes provide a favorable habitat for other wildlife, especially reptiles.

Some of the animals you are likely to come across while in San Francisco are:

California Sea Lion:

The sea lion is a spot-on icon of San Francisco. They live along the Pacific, and they are famed for their intelligence. The animals are friendly towards humans. In as much as they are pretty to look at, you will need to keep your distance because they are quite dangerous if they feel threatened. You can find them at Pier 39 in the Fisherman’s Wharf.


You can find the San Francisco Garter Snake and the California King Snake. Though hard to find, the San Francisco Garter snake is one of the prettiest snakes in North America. It has red, blue and black stripes.

The California King snake is non-venomous though it might bite and rattle (a fake rattle, it does not have a rattler) when threatened. It feeds on other snakes. You can easily find a snake breeder to let you see this reptile at a closer look.

The neighborhoods in San Francisco Bay

There are fantastic neighborhoods to live in the San Francisco Bay. All of them will give you a good view of the bay and increase your chances of seeing the animals in the area. Some of them are;

  • 1. Glen Park
  • 2. The Marina
  • 3. Noe Valley
  • 4. East Bay
  • 5. Mission Bay
  • 6. North Bay
  • 7. South Bay

Moving to San Francisco Bay Area

The area has some old structures, an indication that people have lived there for a very long time. Some of them know no other home apart from this area, while others have moved there after falling in love with it.

Should you be considering moving to San Francisco Bay area, it is paramount that you get a dependable Movers San Francisco? In choosing the mover, you will need to consider; how well they did with previous clients, how coordinated their team is, and how respectful and punctual they are. There should be a written agreement on the scope of work and the payments.

Residing in San Francisco is like living in a dream. Mores in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is a natural habitat for animals like; Sea lions, White shark, Bat Ray, Otters, Snakes, Giant Salamanders and many species of fish.