Visiting San Francisco

by | Nov 2, 2017 | San Francisco movers

See The City

San Francisco has been famed for diversity and variety over the years. The city has a place for everyone. Whether you are a scholar, an adrenaline freak, a social butterfly, or a history buff, you will always get something to satisfy your interests in San Francisco. When visiting San Francisco, you’ll see museums, modern bars and restaurants, casinos, art galleries, parks, beaches, chinatown, wacky streets, and much more.

San Francisco is naturally endowed in that it is a city by the Pacific Ocean and it has numerous hills. It is also multicultural and indulgent. The urban adage “live and let live” applies best in San Francisco. There are several attractions that make San Francisco unique compared to other cities.  These attractions are the main reason for tourism and people deciding to call San Francisco home.

Golden Gate Park

The golden gate park is a hub for nature, inspiration and microbrewery beer. The area was once covered in sand dunes, and San Franciscans have done incredible conservation since the year 1866 hence greening it. The park gives San Franciscans a chance to tap dance with penguins.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is the home to the notorious Alcatraz prison. If you ever tour the Alcatraz cell house, you will get to appreciate freedom. In this infamous prison, no prisoner escaped alive, but you will. The prison was closed down by Bobby Kennedy in 1963. It makes a great tour it site for adrenaline freaks.

Mission Murals

The murals in the Mission District were influenced by the modern art power couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera when they rekindled their romance in San Francisco. The district now has over 400 murals. The couple’s inspiration lives on.

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor was constructed to commemorate Californian soldiers who died in World War 1. It displays over 4,000-year-old masterpieces of ancient and Eurojewishan art.

Contemporary Jewish Museum- The museum is located in downtown San Francisco. It presents educational programs and dynamic exhibitions to explore current perspectives on Jewish history, culture, and ideas.

Living in San Francisco

The city has been home to many people over the years. It is an ancestral home to most San Franciscans. There are also a good number of inhabitants who have moved to the city to enjoy the goodness of the city every day of their lives. These people have chosen to grow old in San Francisco.

Relocating to San Francisco

In relocating to San Francisco with your current property, you will need to alleviate the hassle by hiring professional San Francisco movers. The qualities of a good professional mover are;

Good Reviews:

There should be positive feedback from the mover’s previous clients. Their opinions will inform you about the quality of service you are about to receive.


The mover should present clear paperwork with no hidden charges and clauses.


The courtesy of the mover will highlight to you the level of cooperation they are likely to extend to you. We at Good Green Moving make sure you get the best experience of lifetime while relocating


Moving is a team exercise. The team should, therefore, be well coordinated because disunity is going to compromise the services you get.


The mover should issue you with a contract to sign. The contract should stipulate the work the mover will do, and also the amount you will pay.

San Francisco is one of the best places to live in because of the cultural diversity, entertainment places, natural resources, historic sites and the non-judgmental society. There are beautiful places visit in San Francisco and also nice neighborhoods to live in. Make sure to visit the golden gate park, Alcatraz Island, Mission murals, Legion of Honor, and the Jewish cultural museum.