Popular Neighborhoods in San Francisco

by | Nov 2, 2017 | San Francisco movers

Relocate to Your Favorite SF Neighborhood

Bay Area is a region in Northern California that is highly populated with different neighborhoods. Its home to iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian homes, cable cars etc. The Bay region is so populated that it’s number six on the most populated urban area in North America. It’s also known for wine production and gourmet food.

Bay Area has several great neighborhoods which house the over 7 million people who live in this region. The population is comprised of the old, young and youths who live with their families. When moving to the Bay Area there are many moving companies at your disposal. The most important factor is to check if the company you want to hire has legal papers to work in California. They should provide you with the Cal-T license number assigned to them by the California Public Commission (PUC). This shows they have a permit to carry house hold goods. Below is a list of 10 neighborhoods that you can move to in Bay Area.

Tech startup neighborhood

South Market is the biggest neighborhood in Bay Area. It has a high number of tech companies which have contributed a lot to the growth of its economy. It’s also known as SoMa, the community is filled up by young professional techies in the industry among other people. If you are in the technology professional this is the neighborhood to move in Bay Area region. Also has great restaurants, parks and bars.

East Bay Neighborhoods

In East Bay you will find a great neighborhood for night-life Uptown Oakland. Uptown Oakland is close to nice entertainment for revelers. It’s close to BART station, various theaters and other bars and restaurants. The popularity of Uptown Oakland has increased due to holding of many concerts and shows. People came here to attend the great night-life it offers. Food restaurants include the Gastropig, Duenda, Famous drink spots Starline Social Club, Diving Dog Brew among others.

Rockridge was mainly a residential area filled with homey cottages and bungalows which are still standing today. The development of the Bart station and the bridge has opened up the neighborhood for tourism in the region. It also offers great nightlife along College Ave street which gives you a great night experience in bar and restaurants.

Food Neighborhoods

Gourmet Ghetto

This is a great neighborhood that is the land of great food. This a neighborhood for natural sourced ingredients that brings out the flavor in food. Some good restaurants include Cheese Board Pizza, Chez Panisse among others. This is a good place for young professionals.

Outdoor Living

San Rafael

This neighborhood has great natural outdoor activities for the community. There are also farmer’s market for the locals. Farm produce are brought for sale to the locals. This neighborhood provides both great bars and food spots which serve the community. The community is a mixture of both professionals and their families. This is a great place for outdoor living activities.

Pacific Heights

Cyclist will love this neighborhood because of its trails in Crissy Field and Presidio. The trail is endless and also good for runners. There is also a cultural shift in this neighborhood although it has pricey boutiques, the rents are slowly reducing. This is good for people who want to get fair rent prices. It’s only a 10-15 minute drive to the Marin Headlands.

Best rent neighborhood

Excelsior is an affordable place to live in. It has affordable rent prices with a one bedroom going for $1,800.it also has a full-size golf course for recreation and beautiful parks. This is a great neighborhood which has affordable rent for anyone starting out in life.

Expensive Neighborhood

Dogpatch is a neighborhood for the rich and affluent people in San Francisco. It’s a quiet place for the rich with topnotch art, food, beer and the community is filled with great people. Although many people use their personal cars for transportation, there are lines which you can use to commute down easily. It’s also a good community for trendsetters to move in.


This is the most densely populated area with the Asian community. This neighborhood is full of nice restaurants that offer cheap delicious Chinese food. A great tourist attraction for both the locals and any other visitors, It also offers great nightlife great bars and its centrally located to almost everything.

Walnut Creeks is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Bay Area. Walnut Creek neighborhood has affordable house which has made it possible for many families to buy their first homes. It is a quiet neighborhood which offers what one would love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bay Area California is a good place to move in. Each and every neighborhood offers different lifestyles, cultures and social life for anyone to choose from. Look no further move to California Bay Area to enjoy life to the fullest.  Hire best San Francisco moving companies like Good Green Moving to help you with the moving process. All You have to do is call us today and we will help you in moving.

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