Peace of Mind With Moving Companies Bay Area

by | Nov 2, 2017 | moving companies bay area

Moving Companies Bay Area Can Help

When moving from one home to another you are required to spend a lot of time planning and preparing for moving day. The preparation is supposed to help you make the process easier. If you do not prepare well the moving process will be painful and stressful. The following ways will help relieve some of the stress and make for an enjoyable moving process.

Getting rid of things you don’t need

Moving companies help you transport your items from home to another. But there are items which movers won’t transport for you. These items can be donated, thrown away or used before the day of moving. It’s advisable to get a list of items that the moving company won’t move to be on the safe side.

If your house is with old clothes or things that you don’t use you can donate them to charity. Old clothes that you and your kids have overgrown can also be donated to charity. Hazardous materials such as chemicals, paint remover, flammable etc should be disposed off the right way.

Old electronic devices that you have in your possession can be recycled. Electronic companies will not charge you any fee for electronic devices that need to be recycled. This is a good way to get rid of all electronic devices stuck in your attics and basements.

If you have a huge number of books in your possession, you can visit a local bookstore try to sell them or exchange them for something new. Remain with books that you need at the moment. This will reduce the number of books in your possession and reduce the items to be moved.

Pack your possessions in order

You should pack your house items in order for easy unpacking when you reach your new location. Pack least needed items first followed by most essential ones. Use boxes specially designed for moving. These boxes will be able to handle the weight accordingly. Other boxes may not be clean and unable to handle the weight. At Good Green Moving, we use boxes that are environmentally friendly that you can reuse again in the future.

Follow a particular order when packing. Pack room by room to avoid mixing items. For easy identification of the boxes it’s wise to label them with different color label. Each room represented by one color. Rather than labeling on the top of the boxes, label the sides such that it’s easy to see from far even if they are staked together. You can pack your essentials in clear plastic containers. These are things that you require immediately you are at your new house. Clear containers are easy to spot when needed.

Instead of removing all your clothes from hangers, you can wrap them all together using polythene. This reduces the time you will take to pack and unpack them. Once in your new home you just remove the polythene wrapper and easily hang clothes in your closet.

Personal items

Personal items will be required any time and should not be packed in boxes to avoid the risk of getting lost. Things like money, certificates (birth, title, logbooks, laptop) tooth brushes and cleaning materials. These are some of the things you will require the next morning after moving.

Also you should carry a change of clothes incase you are required to report to work next morning. These essentials items may vary depending on you. The bag or box containing all your personal/essentials items it’s wise to carry it along with you in your personal car.

Use technology

The improvement of technology has enabled both big and small innovations in our lives today. There is an app called My Move App which can help you keep track of all the process. You will have access to the process at your fingertips. The app allows you to create a plan which you are to follow easily. It also acts as your reminder.

When moving you can also request the moving companies bay area to deal with the packing but it will cost you some more bucks. To make the whole process easy you should prepare earlier and stick to your plan. Last minute rushes aren’t the best it will lead to confusion. Start packing as early as possible.