Experienced Bay Area Movers Near You

by | Nov 2, 2017 | bay area movers

Getting professional Bay area movers is such a smart move. It greatly alleviates the stress that the exercise could potentially cause you. Good movers handle your equipment with utmost care and relate to you professionally.  They do all the lifting, loading, transporting, and offloading. You might marvel at how fast and efficiently they accomplish their tasks. Remember they are the experts.

Why don’t the movers appreciate your assistance?

More often than not, you may be inclined to lend a hand, supervise and give directions; after all they are handling your equipment. Did you know that your participation could be more detrimental than helpful? They wish you could just let them do what they do best. They have a team to do all the handling and they need the space to organize themselves.

The movers will not take you aside and whisper to you how you are supposed to behave throughout the exercise. More importantly they want you to get out of the way to avoid obstruction. However, there are other unspoken things that they expect from you as listed below.

6 other things your movers wish you knew

  1. Prepare for their arrival- The movers will come with trucks. It is Important you consider access into your yard and the packing space. Let them know beforehand if you have parking space, or they will have to make do with the nearby street. If you live in a high-rise building, inform them in advance as well and reserve an elevator for them.
  2. Empty your drawers- Packing up the contents in your drawers is quite helpful because full drawers are quite heavy to lift due to their odd shapes.
  3. Pack your valuables and sentimental items separately- The movers need to know which items need extra care. Once you pack them separately, they will flag them so that they can give them special attention. You can also carry small valuables like jewellery, cash and medicine to ensure their safety.
  4. Warn them about heavy items- The movers need to know about the heavy items so that they can plan for extra manpower or special handling apparatus.
  5. Pack beforehand- If you decide to do your own packing, make sure to pack tape and label the packages before the movers arrive. You will be moved unbelievably fast if you do this.
  6. Pack light- Be considerate with your movers, pack heavy items in small boxes. Packing heavy items in a big box could make the load too difficult and force the movers to repack it into smaller packages.

Why you need to familiarize yourself with the new house before moving in

Before moving into the new house, spend some time in it and draw a mental picture of the arrangement you want. You need to consider things like, which room for which family member, and the layout you want per room. Having an idea of the arrangement you want will spare both you and the mover’s time to figure out what goes to which room.

It would be awkward if not annoying, if they were to ask you where to place an item that is already in their hands and you are trying to figure out where it should go, at that very moment.

Moving to a new house could be overwhelming but you can always make it easier for yourself and the movers by planning in advance, trusting that your movers know their job, packing right, and informing them about heavy items. It is important to let them know if any of the houses (the old house and the new) has some special features to be considered.  Be fair to them by revealing anything that might affect the cost.