Bay Area Movers Instead of DIY

by | Nov 2, 2017 | bay area movers

DIY Move Or Hire Bay Area Movers?

When the reality of moving house hits home, many questions may run through your mind. One of them is whether you should just hire a truck, load your equipment with the help of family members and head off to the new house. You will also unpack your possessions and arrange them as you prefer. The other option would be to hire a professional mover to do all that for you.

You will have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives carefully

The pros and cons of moving yourself


You can pack your belongings according to the value you attach to them whether monetary or sentimental. You also know the fragile items that need extra care.  You can cut down on moving costs. Moving on your own could be cheaper than hiring professional movers.


The move will be too much trouble for you because you will be the one deciding on the kind of packaging to use, figuring out the capacity of the truck you may need, packing, lifting, loading and offloading. The only help you will get will be from your family members and friends if you are fortunate enough to have them nearby.

The decision may compromise the safety of some of your equipment- Some of the equipment may be too heavy and technical to move. A professional mover would know what to do with such items. They do not risk dropping or breaking them.

The advantages of hiring a moving company

You will get assistance in packaging:

The moving company will do the packaging if you want them to. However, if you opt to pack by yourself, you can always ask them for advice on packaging as per your possessions.

Heavy lifting:

the movers are used to heavy lifting, and they can always employ adequate personnel to match the task.

Transport decisions:

Once the movers visit your house to see the stuff you want to move, they will decide on the capacity of the truck to use.

Loading and offloading:

The Bay area movers will load your possessions into the truck and offload once the equipment reach destination.

A hassle-free move:

The movers will take care of all the aspects of moving and spare you all the trouble, especially if they are the ones packing. The only possible disadvantage of hiring professional movers is the cost implication.

Why should you hire professional movers?

In comparing the alternative to self-move or hire a mover, some people are inclined towards looking at the cost implication only. What escape most people’s minds are the opportunity costs likely to occur when they are moving on their own. One very critical opportunity cost to consider is time. If you decide to move by yourself, you will spend more time moving, than if you had decided to hire movers.

You are also likely to experience breakages when handling equipment that might need special handling. The technicality of moving to, or from high-rise buildings could be too much for you.

When deciding on whether to hire professional movers or move by yourself, you will need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. The main advantage of self-moving is cost saving. However, it is outweighed by the hassle involved and possible damage to your possessions.

Some good professional movers charge competitive rates. They will do the packing, loading, heavy lifting and unpacking. They are also well versed with equipment that may require special care and high-rise buildings. Therefore, you are better in hiring a mover than moving by yourself.