Prohibited Items San Francisco Moving Companies Won’t Move

by | Oct 26, 2017 | San Francisco Moving Companies

Prohibited Items included in San Francisco Moving Companies

Every moving company is here to make you comfortable when you are moving out. They strive to provide the best services for anyone who has hired them. In offering the best services they aim to retain you as their clients to get future jobs. Moving company is a business that requires you to maintain a high reputation for the business. This will grow your business and make it easy for you to get referrals.  When hiring San Francisco moving companies you would expect them to move everything in your possessions. But there are things they will not move for you.  There are some prohibited items San Francisco moving companies won’t move. 

Prohibited items

Hazardous Items

These are items which are toxic when they came into contact with human beings or the environment. They are highly toxic and require specialized handling during transportation. They include: ammonia, pesticides, bleach, darkroom chemicals, fireworks, car batteries etc just to mention but a few. It’s advisable to request for the list of prohibited items from your moving company.  Also it’s good to dispose them in the right way before the move.


Pets are a no when it comes to transportation. They will not transport your cats, dogs etc. Pets may suffocate during transportation in the truck. It’s quite easy, safe and comfortable for them you and your pet to travel in your personal cars. You can use air lines that allow live animals, specific companies that deal in animal transport for animal transport.


House plants are prohibited by the law to be transported a distance more than 150 miles without a special license. This is put in place to prevent the spread of pests and parasites through the house plants. The houseplants may carry pest and parasites to a different place which can cause them to spread and damage the health of others.

Personal items

Your personal items are your responsibility. You shouldn’t pack your personal items with the boxes. There is no way a personal item that is lost can be recovered. There is no insurance that covers personal items. Some of these items can’t be recovered. They include money, jewelry, keys, photo albums, personal records like tax, medical etc. These items can’t be replaced if lost.

Perishable foods

Moving companies will not transport perishable food stuffs, frozen food that may spoil during transit. These items may spoil due to different reasons i.e. frozen food will spoil because there is no refrigeration in a moving truck. It’s good to consume perishable food stuff before transit.

Guns and ammunition

Each and every state has its own rules on possession of guns. Movers won’t help you in moving your firearm due to this law. You should check fast on the laws involving any state concerning guns before moving over with yours. A good option is for you to use the services of a federally licensed arms dealer to transport your firearm for you safely.

Flammable items

Moving companies will not move any flammable items due to the fact that they may catch fire. This will not only cause damages to your house possessions but also burn the truck in use. You should use appropriate means to get them disposed before the move. They include lighter fluids, kerosene, charcoal, gasoline, paint remover etc.

Before hiring San Francisco moving companies, you should request the company to give you a list of the items they will not move. Go through it and get rid of any item on the list as soon as possible. Do not wait for the last minute to do this.