Guidelines to Finding Bay Area Movers

by | Oct 26, 2017 | movers bay area

Selecting the Right Movers For You

Thinking of moving? The next question is which moving company to is the best one to hire. For you to have a stress free moving experience, there are several factors to keep in mind when hiring a moving company. There are numerous moving companies in San Francisco and the greater bay area, and hiring the perfect one is a diligent task. You will want to choose the best, fairly priced and professional bay area movers. Below are steps to follow to get a good mover;

Tips on getting trustworthy movers

First, it’s important to understand your needs first throughout the moving process. You have plenty of options to choose from when selecting a moving company, and you’ll want to make sure their services align with your needs. The movers bay area is categorized according to the move they deal in. All the 3 categories will help you in hiring the right movers that meets your needs.

Make a list of movers

You can request friends, workmates or neighbors on the best movers in town. From those request you will be able to get several names of companies. This list will give options on which one you will end up hiring. Apart from inquiring from people you can search online for moving companies. Check online for moving companies. Sites like Better Business Bureau have been accredited by the bureau.

Do phone inquires

For you to reduce the list to a few movers, you can call or email several movers and listen to what they are offering in their moving services i.e. do they do the packing. This will help you reduce the list to 3 or 4 which you can invite them for house estimate.

Do research

There are many ways to do background research any moving company. Visit their websites check on comments. Each and every customer may give feedback on their services from the company’s website. These personal experiences will help you know more about the company. Also sites like Yelp and Angela’s list have information which is not based on any company but only on customers. Any information about any mover either good or bad will be posted. It’s an easy way to get more information.

Check out complaint registers

While doing your research also check to see if there are complaints about the moving company. Sites such as and contain lists of blacklisted moving companies to avoid hiring. They also have advisory information about moving companies.


You should only hire companies that are licensed. Licenses should be valid and are authorized to work in any of the categories mentioned above. This will help to differentiate between cons and legal movers.


Never hire a company that is not insured. Make sure the company has an insurance number which is valid. This helps in cases where if your goods are damaged they are to incur the charges.


Call your choice of movers to schedule a house visit that will help in estimating the cost of a move. Show them everything in your house, garage or attic. They will give you an estimate of everything to be moved. You should make sure to show them everything you want moved. While doing the house estimates you can schedule the house visits of all the movers in intervals which they can see or notice each other. This will help in them knowing there is competition. It will make them offer better prices since they are not the only one up for hire.

Be ready for extra charges

Before signing any contract makes sure you understand if they will be any additional charges that may come up. These charges may be due to stairs in your building you are moving from or moving into, parking fees etc this varies depending with factors on the ground. Make sure you have an understanding on the extra charges before hiring any mover.

Ask any question you have in mind about anything. Explain to the movers vividly your final destinations. Be wary of any unusual request from any mover this may be a sign of a con. Also do not agree on a deal without any written agreement or a gentleman’s handshake.