Bay Area Piano Movers

by | Oct 26, 2017 | bay area movers

Handle With Care

Moving any type of a piano can be a very stressful process. This process is painful due to damages that may occur, accidents, strings broken and many unexpected situations. This may occur because pianos are heavy (may weigh between 100 to 1000 pounds) and are generally large in size. Therefore, the moving process gets more complicated in a house with stairs, narrow hallways and many other different house designs.

Pianos are very expensive and may be many years old. Some may be inherited from generations before and so taking good care of them is of high value to the owner. Damages will be expensive to fix. This makes moving pianos to require the right tools, skilled labor and professional piano movers. You will not only get a stress free process but you’ll also have a piano that is in the same condition that you left it in. It is very advisable to hire professional bay area movers to help you in the moving of your precious possession.

Finding The Right Moving Company

Hiring a moving company that can safely move a piano is of high importance.  Not all moving companies in San Francisco and the greater bay area can get this done.  It’s important to thoroughly search online and personally call the potential movers to ask if they provide such services and at what price.

Tools used in Piano Moving

Piano bay area movers require specialized skills, tools and muscle to move pianos. They use tools like straps, dolly, piano boards, skids, ramps and pads. The moving companies have several ways of moving a piano. Grand and concert pianos are dismantled before been moved while small piano are transported as a whole.

Dolly: is a four wheel platform which is used to move the piano. The piano is placed on it and reduces the muscle used to move it. Once the piano is secured firmly, the dolly comes in handy when moving it.

Moving pads: These are moving blankets that are used to wrap the pianos to prevent damages.

Straps: They are used to tie down loose pieces firmly to the piano. They are tied on top of the wrapped blanket. They secure the piano during movement.

Piano board: These are specialized boards made for carrying pianos. Pianos are placed on the end boards for movement. They have slots for straps to securely hold the piano in place.

Group Effort

The amount of work that it takes to safely and successfully move a piano from one location to another requires a collaborative effort.  A dependable moving company will have several movers on the job to make sure that heavy items like pianos make it to the new destination without a scratch.

Steps to be followed during moving day

Measure all doors, stairs, and any entrance that will be used during the move. Compare the measurements with the size of your piano. This will help to know the route you will use. It also helps to make the process easy.  Have the right tools dollies, straps. Tools help to ease the workload in any job you do.

The whole process involves having serious preparations to prevent huge damages which are expensive to take care off. If you decide to follow the steps above you would encounter less damage.