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by | Oct 17, 2017 | San Francisco movers

Relocate to Haight-Ashbury with San Francisco Movers

San Francisco is a place where you can find a little bit of everything. Whether you are visiting San Francisco for the first time or you are looking to permanently move, the neighborhoods throughout this beautiful city will instantly make you feel at home.   Our San Francisco movers near Haight-Ashbury can help you relocate with ease as we always provide a safe, secure, successful and sustainable move.  


Founded in 1776 by a Spanish friar and developed thanks to the gold rush, today San Francisco has a population 800,000 inhabitants and is one of the most important tourist destinations in the United States.

San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate, Alcatraz Island, Twin Peaks or the Cable car that run through the steep streets of the city. The unique character of the city has emerged thanks to the cultural mix of indigenous natives, Spanish colonizers and large numbers of Asian immigrants.

If you have decided to move to the place then you need someone to help you with whole moving process. The San Francisco movers are the best choice in this situation.

San Francisco Neighborhoods

Visiting San Francisco you will be able to see some of its most unique neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Mission District (Hispanic population), Financial District (the financial heart of the city), Castro District (for wealthy people) or Haight- Ashbury (cradle of the hippie movement); in San Francisco everyone finds their place.

San Francisco is divided in 39 neighborhoods, each of them is different and there is always something interesting and for any taste to do. From babies to oldies, from hippies to punks, from peaceful to nightlife lover. San Francisco is full of incredible things.


At the end of 1960, Haight-Ashbury was one of the zones where a bohemian movement was born; that of idealistic hippies who practiced a way of life in harmony with nature and promoting human values. The neighborhood has houses with multicolored fronts and a relaxed atmosphere.

Undisputed icon of nonviolence, intimate contact with nature, free love and an iron repudiation of Western materialism, this movement of the late ’60s had its epicenter in Haight-Ashbury.

As soon as you arrive at Haight-Ashbury their beautiful, stunning and striking Queen Anne style houses are outstanding. The charm of this area transports you to another totally different world. It is the heart of the hippie movement.

Important Aspects of Haight-Ashbury

The name Haight-Ashbury comes from the combination of its two main flames: Haight and Asbury avenues. This alternative area of San Francisco is full of “different” clothing stores, coffee shops, craft shops and restaurants where you can listen to live music.

The beautiful Victorian houses of the neighborhood – with bright colors and beautiful staircases – and the spectacular murals and graffiti that surround the area make Haight-Ashbury the ideal setting to live in a Bohemia atmosphere of peace and relaxation incomparable.

Much of the charm when visiting this neighborhood lies in the fact of observing the curious characters that live in this area. Secondhand and retro stores flood the streets of Haight-Ashbury.

If you are attracted by the irresistible charm of the Eastern disciplines, Haight-Ashbury offers you all the alternatives of the so-called New Age, which continues to captivate fans from all over the world. You will find in Haight-Ashbury alternative medicine centers where you can receive massages, participate in some yoga classes, relax your body with sauna therapies, enjoy beneficial reiki sessions and, of course, learn the secrets of meditation and spiritual alignment.

Near Haight-Ashbury is located the Golden Gate Park so that you can go and visit any time. There are also the houses of Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin.  

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