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by | Oct 17, 2017 | bay area movers

Hire Best Local Bay Area Movers and Packers

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Here are five helpful tips on what you need to consider when hiring bay area movers and packers for your next move.

  1. Taking help from friends

It’s always good to ask for suggestions and recommendation from people you trust, especially friends who have faced similar situations and problems associated with these decisions.

Don’t forget to ask them what service they chose and why. Knowing what your friends or family experienced with specific movers will help you choose who you’d like to hire on moving day. If you hear of a negative experience, make sure you get a second opinion as one bad experience does not paint the whole picture. Do your research and be diligent in asking people for reputable moving companies near you. 

      2. It’s not all about the quote

The problem with first timers is that they think cheapest is always the best. People are determined to find the company that provides the lowest quote for their move.  This is usually not the best approach to hiring bay area movers, as cheap does not always lead to a successful move. Paying for cheap movers usually means that you don’t pay for quality customer services that other expensive bay area movers charge.

The catch for choosing the best option is to understand the factors that play role to differentiate one Mover and Packer from another, it’s obvious that one cannot ignore the cost factor but there is definitely more to it than just cost.

so strategy matters, you must understand there are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the right movers bay area and Packers like the established trust in the market over the period of time a service provider is available for, recommendations, insurance policies, delivery times, equipment, staff friendliness etc.

      3.  Insurance matters:

Usually, most of movers and packers have something to offer when it comes to insuring your important stuff. Nearly all of them offer different plans regarding delivery of your assets in its optimal health.

Make sure you have a good understanding about this part especially when you own stuff which must be handled with care to ensure its safe delivery.

Some Movers and Packers might give you an insurance of just about the delivery of the same number of objects to deliver that they packed for your new place while some other will give you a detailed description of each object describing its present situation to resolve future conflicts before you agree on the insurance terms. Long story short, insurance matters but the terms and conditions of insurance matter even more.

      4.  The Right Equipment:

From the right tools to disassemble (and later assemble) your furniture to the correct size of truck for moving your stuff, the right equipment is the key to successfully move your stuff to your new place.

This might seem very obvious when you read but not being aware about the technicalities of tools becomes the bottleneck situation, to overcome this situation you can always read reviews from the website of service provider or query them about how they will accomplish a particular task.

In all the above 4, make sure you get different perspectives and quotes so you can compare and analyze to decide what is the most suitable candidate among the options that you have.

      5.  The Trade-offs:

Last but definitely not the least the Trade-off is something that vary with each individual,

You must decide your priorities when it comes to factors like cost, insurance, rating of service provider and other things.

Make sure to choose a service provider who isn’t too costly and at the same time not cheap enough to ruin your experience, it’s always recommended to meet the local representative of service provider face to face before confirming your decision.

Please mention in comments how this article helped you to choose the best bay area movers and packers. Our Good Green Moving team is here to make moving throughout the bay area an enjoyable experience for everyone.