How San Francisco Movers Stay Safe

by | Oct 17, 2017 | San Francisco movers

San Francisco Movers Safety Precautions

Safety should be a moving companies number one priority when hired for any local or long distance moves.  There are several different steps in taking the proper safety precautions to ensure for a safe, secure and successful move.

At our San Francisco moving company, we employ highly trained professionals with years of experience.  The Good Green Moving team believes in moving your items quickly, but most importantly safely.  We want to leave your items in the same condition that you left them in prior to moving day.

We have several strategies for ensure a safe and secure move.  From relocating a residential family, to moving a business located on the 30th floor of a luxury high rise in downtown San Francisco, our professionals know how to take care of you and your items.

Here are just a few safety precautions that our team at Good Green Moving keep in mind with each and every move:

Moving Heavy Items

Moving items isn’t that simple especially when you are moving heavy items, it requires professionalism and some precautions need to be taken to avoid damages or any other bad conditions. Many bad conditions can be met in an item is being moved carelessly, there might be home accident or fire nor any other hazards. This is why it is required to take precautions before trying to move anything.

Concept of moving heavy items  

It is a necessity to use durable plastics; the plastic should be placed under the heavy items. It is the best way of dragging appliances and other properties such as furniture’s in order to reduce the resistance of such materials for easy dragging. E.g. the plastic placed under a heavy item dragged on a carpet will be easy to drag.  If not, then it will be hard and the item will wear out.

Occasionally, before you can lift heavy items you have to bend it over. Damage of the back and torso can be experienced and permanent if the mover does not take the proper precautionary steps. The best method is lifting from the knees for heavier objects. This, moment can cause injury if moved incorrectly; injuries in this aspect are easily attained if care is not taken.

Waterproof shoes should be worn are not ordinary waterproof boots but firm ones in order to prevent many dangerous accidents while moving furniture’s . It is important to protect our foot with strong boots. Breaking of the foot during moving can be very hazardous except that its stops the work, the results of the wound might be very fatal enough to amputate one’s foot.

Safety Precautions

Wearing of appropriate clothing should be taken into consideration when moving items so that they can serve as protective to avoid cuts and bruises. String leather gloves should be worn on the palms to prevent further cuts and to have a good grip of the item in order to avoid sloping of such item which might cause another accident.

It’s also important to pack and bubble wrap valuable items that need to stay in mint condition throughout the duration of the move.  This should be done at the existing site prior to loading and with the help of multiple movers. You’ll want to make sure that your moving company has everything securely wrapped and fully covered that you don’t want to be exposed or damaged.