Bay Area Movers Moving Estimates

by | Oct 17, 2017 | bay area movers

Receiving Estimates From Bay Area Movers

Whether it’s your first time to move or you’ve done it before, you will always want to get the best service ever. The cost of moving is what many people look at. The majority will prefer something that perfectly suits their budget. Most importantly, looking whether there are any hidden costs play a significant role in the whole process. In the quest of finding a value for their money, people tend to do a little homework here and there. This is where moving estimates come in.

At Good Green Moving, our price for moving your items are clearly identified and agreed upon before we ever begin on moving day.  You won’t have to worry about hidden fees or added costs once the move is complete.  Our bay area movers are honest and hard working, and with Good Green Moving you’ll receive excellent services at an affordable price.

What role should you play in determining the moving estimates?

Many people make a mistake of thinking that moving and all it entails has nothing to do with them. They believe that by being provided with some estimates by professionals is what matters. You need to understand that you’re equally important when it comes to making estimates.

How? You may ask. Be prepared with all the details of your possessions. That way, you will have helped in the accuracy of the final estimates.

Details of your possessions here mean every item you plan to move. Always work with a professional mover estimator to ensure everything is accounted for. You may want them to check some of your extra stuff that is not found in the house. Do not forget to let them know about your large and heavy stuff.

What you need to know about moving estimates

Not everything is always included in the moving estimates. All moving companies are not the same. Some will base their charges off of a flat rate or per hour charge. Others may consider several other factors such as the distance to be covered. The size of the moving truck needed and the labor force.

Remember the distance factor has a huge impact on your estimate. While some providers may charge you according to the weight of your items, others will consider their charges to be based on equipment needed and the total time used.

Before allowing any bay area movers to come over to your place to provide you an estimate, first, let them explain to you how they determine their estimates.

This is the point where additional charges may come in. Make sure you clearly understand the kind of additional costs that could be added to your general moving estimate.

Moves are estimated in two common ways

It is ideal for you to understand how the moves estimates are arrived at. Here is how the estimates are determined:

Local Move: If your move is to be done locally, then it’s likely that you will be charged per hour. Labour force and the equipment to be used are the determining factors.

Long Distance Move: Here, the weight of your items will determine the cost of your move. The total distance covered is also included.

Three common moving estimates options

When seeking for a moving company, always ask them the type of estimates they offer. Three types that are widely known include; binding moving estimates, binding not to exceed the estimate, and non-binding estimates.

Binding Estimates: Budget friendly. You have nothing to worry about. This type of estimate doesn’t allow your mover to change anything. They are held to the estimated cost. If the estimated cost was said to be $2777 and then it’s found to be $3000, you will just pay $2777. However, if your estimated cost was $2777 and your stuff weigh less and it’s found to be $2500, you will still pay $2777.

Non-Binding Estimates: Be extra vigilant if you’re offered this kind of an estimate. The movers are not bound to any estimates and therefore you may end up paying way too much than needed. You should avoid movers with low non-binding estimates.

Binding Not to Exceed Estimates: This type can be the best  you’re not required to pay anything beyond the estimated cost. What’s more interesting is that your price will be adjusted with what your stuff weighs. If you are looking for fast and trustworthy moving services then contact to the Good Green Moving as we ensure that everything is done with safety and at fair rates