Make Moving Easier with Movers San Francisco

by | Sep 29, 2017 | movers San Francisco

movers san franciscoMove the Easy Way

Most of us have had to undertake the inevitable task of changing an office location or moving to a new home. Moving is a daunting task because our houses and offices have all sorts of equipment like furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, and fragile utensils and pieces of art. The wide variety of equipment poses significant handling challenges. Fortunately, there is Good Green Moving to make moving easier with movers San Francisco

How to make moving easier

There are many ways that home and business owners can make moving a hassle free task.  It will require preparations and detailed planning to reduce the stressors of moving day.  If you take these tips into consideration, then you’ll have peace of mind on moving day.

Allocate a moving period:

A moving period of 2-3 weeks could spare us the confusion that would arise from attempting to do everything when it is finally time to leave the old house. During the moving period, we should pack the items that we do not use regularly. For example artifacts, paperwork, costumes, some bedding and pieces of clothing that we will not use for the next three weeks.

During this period we will be able to identify the types of packaging needed in terms of quality, quantity, and volume.

Declutter the current house:

When packing in readiness to move, we usually come across some stuff those we no longer use. Disposing of such junk will eliminate the chances of carrying unnecessary baggage to the new house.

Plan with the moving company:

Making plans with the preferred moving company well in advance is important. It will spare us the hustle of looking for movers San Francisco on the day that we are moving. It will also allow adequate time to familiarize ourselves with the paperwork necessary for the process.

Draw a moving budget:

Pre-planning on the costs likely to be incurred when moving will enable us to have a reliable estimate of the expenses involved in packing, moving and unpacking. The budget should consider whether we are packing and unpacking for ourselves or the moving company will do it for us.

Familiarizing with the new house:

Knowing the floor plan of the new house will reduce the chances of being stranded once the equipment gets to the new house. You’ll be able to move in quickly if you’re familiar with the blue prints.  Boxes won’t be left in the garage because you won’t know where to put them.  Knowing exactly what you want to put in each room will make unpacking easier and less confusing.

How to choose a reliable moving company

Consider a company that has been in operation for a reasonable amount of time.  Choosing movers San Francisco Company that has been in operation for some time will give us the facts that we will need in carrying out a background check on the company. The company should be duly licensed and insured. It is safer to deal with a legal, insured company to make it easy to lay a legal claim should they breach the legal contract.

Check the company’s reviews online. Seeing the feedback that other clients give a particular company gives an idea of their service delivery. Not all five star reviews are created equally.  If you are comparing two moving companies, and one company has 15 five star reviews while the other company has 100 five star reviews, then chances are you’ll want to go with the latter. On top of having a positive online reputation, the company should also have recommendation letters from previous clients.

The company should have experience in special features like high-rise buildings. That way they will ask about the destination and factor in the extra labor costs that may be incurred and avoid additional cost surprises. If your moving company does not have experience in moving high rise buildings, then it can become very problematic on moving day.

A company that engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) would be preferable than a company that does not. Participating in CSR sets apart caring companies from non-caring ones.

Moving is usually a complex undertaking, but it is possible to simplify it by early planning, budgeting, and choosing the right San Francisco movers near you. It is advisable to choose a reputable company to avoid uncompensated losses through breakages.

Courtesy is paramount in choosing a moving company because there are those things that we may value so much, yet they are far below insurance compensation limits, especially for the inexpensive possessions that may carry sentimental value.