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by | Jun 23, 2016 | Latest Post

Michael Harkin is the Resident Service Manager at The Infinity Towers in downtown San Francisco. This mixed-use building houses 650 residential units in two high-rise and two low-rise towers with stunning views of The Embarcadero and the Bay Bridge.

I had the recent pleasure to sit down with Michael and find out why Good Green Moving is the premier choice of residents that are moving in and out of luxury San Francisco apartments.

How did you first hear about Good Green Moving?
I first learned about Good Green Moving a few years ago when a resident had hired you to move into the complex. It was the first time I’d heard of a ‘green moving company.’ I was intrigued so I set up an appointment and was very impressed with your level of customer service and your ‘green thinking’ business practices.

Can you tell our readers about The Infinity Towers’ relationship with us?
Since then, there have been many other moves in and out of the complex by Good Green Moving. We always prefer to partner with companies that was give our residents the best possible service.  Good Green Moving is consistently a company that residents will go out of their way to give us positive feedback about.

In a single word, how would you describe the Good Green Moving experience?
Compassionate. You get it. Moving isn’t just a truck and a bunch of guys. It’s stressful. You understand that. The motto of our company is ‘to improve the quality of people’s lives.’ With the level of service you’re providing, it’s a really good marriage.

How does Good Green Moving pamper your clients?
From the level of responsiveness to every aspect throughout the move, your company has been terrific. For some residents who have already been packed up, Good Green Moving has even anticipated something that they might need after all their things were gone.

You’re very professional. You’re always on time. You’re mindful of the property with 650 units in our complex and you treat it like a Class A property. You’re genuinely concerned about our residents, too, and we appreciate that.

What makes Good Green Moving better or different than others you’ve used for luxury residential condo owners at The Infinity Towers?
With your overall focus on customer service, you’re better than others I’ve encountered over my 5-1/2 years here at The Infinity Towers. Because of my extensive background in customer services as a San Francisco hotel concierge for 15 years prior to working here, I have a pretty good idea of what clients want.

By Jonathan Cook, owner of Good Green Moving. We are specialist in moving San Francisco residents to and from the many luxury condos and apartments.