A San Rafael Move with a Film Festival Connection

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Latest Post

Continuing our series on client spotlights, this month I sit down with Mark Fishkin, founder of the Mill Valley Film Festival and a San Rafael resident who recently hired Good Green Moving to move from his 3-bedroom rental home to a 4-bedroom home on the other side of Marin County.

How did you hear about Good Green Moving?
A few months ago, I went to Bellam Storage to buy some boxes for an upcoming move. I told them I had lost the name of the company they had suggested last time. They were now recommending Good Green Moving.

How big was this residential move?
We had recently moved from a 3,000-foot home off the Miracle Mile to a 1,800-foot, rental home in east San Rafael. You (Jonathan) came to my home to provide a detailed estimate and said that I had a 5-bedroom house stuck in a 3-bedroom rental – and you couldn’t have been more correct!

Sounds kind of crowded. How bad was it?
We basically had everything crammed into our rental home’s garage. After you provided us with a reasonable quote, we hired Good Green Moving to transport all of our goods to our new home.

Refresh my memory. Did you only hire us to move you?
Moving is such a stressful situation! You gave us a competitive bid to pack us up and organize the entire move.

How would you describe the experience in one word?

What else can you add?
All of our antiques and everything arrived in great shape. Your team was on time, respectful of our needs, stayed in touch, and delivered everything as promised. You just made a stressful situation very bearable.

What about our “green” moving mission?
It was very important to me that your company has a green mission aligned with your sustainable business philosophy. I was thrilled to hear that starting last year, you began working with the MVFF events department and that you’re dedicated to supporting both the Mill Valley Film Festival and the California Film Institute as well as the SF Green Film Festival. As an outcome of our relationship, I also discovered your extreme generosity. So it’s been a win/win for everyone.

By Jonathan Cook, owner of Good Green Moving. In addition to our partnership with the Mill Valley Film Festival, we support environmental organizations like the SF Green Film Festival, the Arthritis Foundation and the Pachamama Alliance. We have proudly donated over $100,000 worth of services since October 2012.