Help Us Plant 10,000 Redwoods in the San Francisco Bay Area

by | May 24, 2016 | Latest Post

Good Green Moving has partnered with the Turtle Island Restoration Network in an effort to plant 10,000 redwood trees in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next three years to help combat climate change.

Why Redwood Trees?

Climate change is the greatest threat to life on Earth and redwood trees can help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Redwood Trees Facts

  • The redwood tree stores more carbon per hectare than any other tree on Earth.
  • Coastal redwood trees sequester triple the above ground carbon of any other type of tree, making them a key player in mitigating climate change.

This creative idea to plant redwoods will create a ‘sink’ for carbon dioxide. By planting these trees, we will help remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to help stabilize our changing climate.

“We don’t have to be in Paris to know that climate change requires all hands on deck. Right now, we have the opportunity locally to fight climate change while also restoring our beautiful redwood forests and enhancing endangered salmon habitat,” explained Todd Steiner, a biologist and the executive director of Turtle Island Restoration Network (SeaTurtles.Org). “It just makes sense.”

Redwood Trees and the Bay Area


The Good Green Moving team planting one of 10,000 trees.

Historically, native redwood trees were abundant in our own backyard, but due to commercial logging in the 20th century, now they only exist in small pockets. That’s why we have teamed up with the 10,000 Redwoods Project to help bring back a healthy, connected, and lasting redwood forest in the Bay Area. The first project is to reforest the Lagunitas Creek Watershed, one of our most important waterways for the endangered wild coho salmon, while creating a carbon sink.

“With the 10,000 Redwoods Project anyone that wants to volunteer can be part of the solution to climate change,” said Preston Brown, a biologist with Turtle Island Restoration Network. “We hope everyone in Marin will plant a tree with us!”

The work of the 10,000 Redwoods Project is not limited to our parks. Schools, businesses and individuals are all encouraged to get involved.

There are two ways you can participate:

1) Over the next three years, Turtle Island will need the help of hundreds of local volunteers to collect native tree seeds and cuttings, grow them in Turtle Island’s community-based native plant nursery, and plant them alongside creeks.

2) Make a tax deductible gift online in your name or a loved one by adapting your own redwood tree.

Adopt Your Own Redwood Tree and Help Save the Planet

Through our partnership with Turtle Island Restoration Network you can adopt your very own redwood tree and help us get closer to 10,000 new trees.

Choose the gift amount you would like to make:

  • Adopt a Redwood $100– Certificate of Adoption, Tree Name Selection, GPS Location of Tree, Photo on Website
  • Adopt a Fairy Ring (5 Trees) $500– Certificate of Adoption, Tree Name Selection, GPS Location, Photo on Website
  • Adopt a Grove (10 Trees) $1,000– All Benefits of Adopt a Redwood, One Tree to Plant at own Location
  • Adopt a Redwood Intern (10 Trees) $2,500– All benefits of Adopt a Grove, Personalized Creek Walk, Support a Month of Housing for a Full Time Residential Redwood Intern, Name Plaque at Intern House
  • Redwood Champion (10 Trees) $5,000– All benefits of Adopt a Grove, Personalized Creek Walk, If a Company
    Eligible for Responsible “Climate Resiliency” Company Recognition, Cause Related Marketing

marin-10000-tress-projectFor more information or to adapt a tree please click here.