Residential Home Moves in Corte Madera

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Latest Post

We love repeat customers. James is one of them. He was so pleased with the residential move we did from him about a year ago that he hired us again to help him move within Corte Madera.

It’s always an honor and pleasure to be called back again to help such a great customer with another move. Can you tell me why you called us again?
“I’ve actually moved about five times in the past five years, but not by choice. Before my first move with Good Green Moving last year, I had used another local company. But they were terrible: arrogant, slow, not customer-oriented. They were everything you don’t want in a moving company.”

Both of your moves have been within Corte Madera, right?
“Yes, the first move was a three-bedroom home in Corte Madera to another three-bedroom home, one block away. The owners sold the house I was renting, which just happened again. That most recent move in late March was just two miles away.”

You said you had a bad experience with another moving company, I’m sorry to hear that. How did you end up finding us then?
“I found Good Green Moving on Yelp. After the negative experience I had with my last moving company, I found your team to be the opposite of what they were. They were slow; you were fast. I appreciated that you were efficient, customer-service oriented, and reasonably priced.”

In a few word, can you describe what happened during your moves?
“They both exceeded my expectations.”

A lot of people like us for different reasons. Are there things you really like about how we moved your homes?
“For my recent moves, it came down to how the movers treated both my furniture and me. I own lots of nice, high-end furniture. They (the Good Green Moving movers) wrapped everything properly. They worked quickly, but carefully. There was no breakage. They knew what they were doing.”

I remember you had a lot of large and heavy items to move, but we got it done very quickly.
“The foreman was always on top of things so he kept the guys busy all day. I packed the china and other breakable goods. Four guys in one day moved a trampoline, basketball hoop, a large armoire, heavy dressers, and tables in one large truck and one smaller truck.”

As told to Jonathan Cook, owner of Good Green Moving. James is a Corte Madera resident who hired Good Green Moving for the second time to help him move his home. You can read James’ Yelp review of his move here.