How to Pack a Moving Truck?

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Latest Post

What’s that? You’re moving soon? Congratulations! One of the first things you should do is to consider how to pack a moving truck.

In fact, before you can think about where everything will go in your new home or apartment… before you get some boxes… and before you start getting organized… think about all the intricacies of how to pack your moving truck.

Why is How You Pack So Important?

There are many reasons, which can save you considerable time and money. But the most important reason to pack a moving truck properly is to minimize any damage that may happen to some of your most valuable items. Follow these steps and you can virtually ensure that no damage is done.

Step One

Build a Wall of Boxes First
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a wall of boxes can be built in considerably less time if you start with the largest boxes and put them all in the back of your truck.

Here are three steps to get you started:

1. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom of this wall of boxes to create a strong base.
2. Then, put the smaller, lighter boxes on top of the wall of boxes to make sure none of the boxes get damaged.
3. As you pack a moving truck, if you don’t have enough boxes to create a wall, put an armoire or a dresser in the back to create support.

Movement is Damage

Above all, you always want to make sure that no box, no furniture, and no items can move around during the move while you’re packing a moving truck. So it’s very important that you strap down all of these boxes within the truck with rope, cords, or fasteners so everything stays safe, protected, and doesn’t shift during your ride.

Where’s the Best Place to Put Wardrobe Boxes When Packing a Truck?

After the wall of boxes is completed in the back, it’s time to start building a second wall of wardrobe boxes and miscellaneous medium-sized items. Again, these should be carefully, tightly strapped in place to prevent any possible movement as you drive your truck from your current home to your new home.

Where’s the Safest Place to Put Fragile Items When Packing a Truck?

Finally, when you pack a moving truck, you want to put your mirrors, glassware, china, artwork, lamps, and other breakable items towards the front of the truck’s bed. If you have everything else strapped in place, these should all be upright and also securely fastened to prevent movement, too.

Pack Your Truck Like a Pro

We pack moving trucks everyday and there are a few things we have learned that can make you a packing pro.
• Begin packing at least one week to one month before your moving date.
• What should you pack first? Anything you don’t need every day; save the items you use most often until a few days prior to your move.
• Pack one room at a time and clearly label what each box contains so you can tell what’s inside from the outside.
• If a box contains fragile items, label that on the outside so it’s placed with other breakable items in the front of the truck, not the back.
• Wrap fragile items like dishware, glassware and china with recycled newspaper or even unprinted newspaper.
• When packing dishware, put balls of newspaper on the bottom, top and open spaces within the box to cushion the items.
• Take the most important items with you or shipped separately by a family member to you. These may include your identification papers, credit cards, computers, cameras, jewelry, and more.

Lastly, if you feel that packing and moving your home is going to be too much effort and would like the assistance of packing and moving professionals, we’d love to offer you a free, no obligation quote to get you started.