The Good Green Moving Story

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Latest Post

good green movingHi, everyone. My name is Jonathan Cook and I’m the founder of Good Green Moving. Today, I’d like to tell you how Good Green Moving was born. When I was 20 years old, I went on a rafting trip. When I was on the rafting trip, I was cutting up all of the vegetables, loading and unloading the rafts, setting up everyone’s campsites, making sure the elderly had their medicine, I just wanted to make sure everything worked out. The reason why I did this is because I’ve been a caregiver for my mother since I was 16 years old, and this taught me how to really put someone else first and really sacrifice and bring compassion to every situation. The owner of the rafting company noticed this and asked if I was looking for a job. I said, “Heck yeah, I’m looking for a job. I’m working at a pet store right now.” He actually hired me for his moving company.

Within the first three months, I was head mover, running jobs, leading crews and within the first year, I was representing the company in marketing. I pitched to him that I wanted to make a green option within his company and he told me that, “Nobody cares about this stuff, Jonathan. All anybody cares about is profit.” I responded by letting him know that I care about this stuff and I don’t think I’m the only one. I let him know that I was eternally grateful for all of his wisdom that he bestowed upon me, but I would be leaving his company to start my own company that will look out for future generations by minimizing our carbon footprint and our consumption of natural resources while giving back to the global community. Good Green Moving was born in October 2012. Thank you for all of your support and together, we will move the world to a better future.